POS System

Module List of POS Software:

Customers Module: By Using or POS Software you can add unlimited customers name and their details like address, mobile number, Email address etc.
Items add module: By Using or POS Software you can add unlimited products or item here with stock information, supplier name, inventory info, barcode number etc.
Suppliers Module: By Using or POS Software you can save your supplier information here with their contact details.
Receiving Module: By Using or POS Software If client back your product then this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory.
Sales Module: By Using or POS Software This option help your sales person to sale your product from stock & receive the payment by cash or card.
User Module: you can add unlimited stuff with individual access level. Employee can use this software according to their access level.
Store Setting Module: By Using POS Software you can set or edit your shop information, address, and phone number here.
Barcode Module: Barcode integrated purchase and sales system is available in POS System.

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Facility of POS Software:

  • Unlimited User Access
  • Access from anywhere of The world
  • Unlimited PC access Login
  • Unlimited Employee Access Entry
  • Individual access & user panel for Each person
  • Low cost & best support

Reporting of Our POS System:

Sales Report Module: You will get day. Month & year wise sales report with stock. VAT and profit information.
Categories Report Module: You can check how much product are in your stock in category wise.
Customers Report Module: You can check which customers take how much product with price by date wise.
Suppliers Report Module: You can see the supplier list & their products here.
Items Report Module: You can see the stock report and sales report here date wise.
Employees Report Module: You can check which employee sale how much & deal with which customers.
Taxes Report Module: You can see all tax report here.
Discounts Report Module: You can see how much discount you provide to your clients and total summary report.
Payments Report Module: You can see all payment details date wise.
Low Inventory Report Module: If your product is in a re-order level then this option will show you the current status.
Inventory Summary Report Module: Full inventory report is here date wise.

Point of Sales

Sale and buy are the central processes of trade and commerce and the POS that stands for Point of Sale is a key factor in this regard. Typically Point of Sale (POS) meant the place where a buyer exchanged cash with a seller for goods or service. But with advanced technology. POS is not limited in the manual exchange of currency or merely in the cash receipts. Computers, mobile phone, programming and the internet have modified it and made POS easier and more effective. Point of Sale assures safe business avoiding traditional transaction system and prevents any type of mismanagement by the employees. It also assures time consuming and increases productivity POS contributes to increasing revenue, reducing labor hour and achieving savings on annual basis. At present, most of the commercial organizations or agencies worldwide rely on Point of Sale system. Bangladesh is not an exception in using POS software. TechnoSYS Solutions Limited provides you the best POS software in Bangladesh. We have already provided this best POS software in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh as well as outside of the country.

Benefits of POS Software:

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A POS system is the main workforce of any business. It offers you a bunch of benefits. Some of them are-

  1. Positive effect on business: If you are using a POS system in your business, it will allow you to have a better control over your business. You will have to know how many products have you sold, how many products are left in the storehouse and how many products you need to buy. All these can be done with POS software.
  2. Accurate operation: Every business of selling includes numbers, multiple clients and products at the same time. If you are running them manually with the traditional paper-based system, there is a huge possibility of mistakes. Since POS software can record transactions, manage inventory and analyze sales patterns in a correct manner, you do not have to double-check each customer’s order and other information.
  3. Business efficiency: As it is a computerized system, it makes all the paperwork accurately and saves a lot of time. It takes you to the way to manage your sales figures or reports, bills and orders in a very expedient way besides the office environment POS system also increases the efficiency of the everyday sales environment. Different kinds of useful features such as barcode scanners or credit card terminals have really made POS system very promising.
  4. Analytical ability: POS system includes broad analysis of your business data. In running a business, you have to deal with any information about movements and tendencies in sales processes, sales reports and other information. Handling them manually and gather right type of data from them is really very tough. So POS software can analyze the relevant information to show trends, Strengths, weaknesses and solutions.
  5. Client communication: POS software the information of your entire client. The information of all of your clientele. You can definitely find out who your best customers are and what they buy. So you can offer them a better deal to satisfy them and get maximum benefit from them by assuring better customer service. You can also offer them a discount. It will build up a healthy communication between you and your client.
  6. Networking with other terminals: POS software has networking ability. It allows the system to connect and communicate with other terminals and handheld devices from any location. So you can manage your sales from a single platform.
  7. Affordability: POS software is full of many outstanding and powerful features but the price of this software is cheaper than other business apps and software. If you are thinking to buy POS software, you can have many choices but the software provider will make the software by your own need.
  8. Shrinkage security: POS software is unique software as it offers powerful SKU reporting and follows time periods, promotions and orders. It also can track every employee’s performance. Seeing all this benefits, you cannot but order POS software for your business right now. As TechnoSYS Solutions Limited offers you the best POS software in Bangladesh with an affordable price, why would you refuse us?

Features of POS Software:

The features of POS software vary from user to user. This software is designed according to the need of the user or the business agency. Still there are some basic features in almost every POS software such as-

Inventory tracking: It gives you the  information about how many products are available in your store and how much you need to collect. It also does the same work for all of your branches.
Sales reporting: It is about your products. Every individual product’s data is saved in your database with all details. You can mark the products easily and take proper initiatives for those products which are not selling well.

Items: POS software allows you to keep unlimited products or item here with stock information, supplier name, inventory info, barcode number etc.

Customer management: The data of your customer is stored by POS software. You can enormous customers name and their details like address, mobile number, email address etc. By observing the list of your customer and their purchase, you can easily find out your best customers.

Employee management: POS software not only stores customer’s data but also stores employee’s data. You can keep an eye on them by using this software and can find out the best salesperson in your team. The Employee can use this software according to their access level.

Suppliers: POS software also enables you to save the information of your suppliers with their contact details. Mobile access: The Cloud-based intemet has made it possible to control your POS software from anywhere. POS system based iPhone or iPad gives you the opportunity to run your business from anywhere.

Receiving: If your client returns any of your products, this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory.
Integration capability: When POS software is integrated with other business apps or software such as accounting software, it doubles your business efficiency. You can run both systems in the same hardware components.

Store Configuration: POS system sets or edits your shop information, address, and phone number here.
Taxes: Many POS systems support taxes. After selling a product, you can manage the tax from it with this feature.

POS Software Report:

  • Stock Register and support reports (Day wise / Brand Wise)
  • Vendor ledger transactions, option to export to excel
  • Daily Sales Report, reports based on
  • cashier/terminal/customer
  • Daily cash register
  • Ageing reports/expired items report
  • Minimum Level Or Safety Stock alert report
  • Sales Tax! GST Register
  • Commission report based on sales man
  • Barcode label printing is simple with free
  • inventory software
  • Report can be exported to various formats
  • various sales bill templates. Customization of sales bill format