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Best Garments ERP with Multi Currency system

TechnoSYS Solutions Limited provide the best Garments ERP with multi currency in Bangladesh. A complete customize manufacturing solution (Buyer Inquiry, Sample Order, Costing, Budget Summary, PO issue to Supplier, GRN, Goods issue to Production, Production (Cutting, Sewing and Finishing) module, Ex-Factory, Export Import module, Profit and Loss Statement, HR System, Garments and Accessories Store etc) is provide especially for Garments industries.

The modules & features are

Human Resources

  • Multiple Unit/Company manageable from the single software
  • Designation setup with Over Time, grading and attendance bo-nus option
  • Employees information recoding as per compliance requirement
  • All kind of letter can be issue (Joining/provision period confirmation/increment & promotion/department transfer/show cause/terminate/NOC letter etc…)
  • Leave management (Casual Leave, Earn Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leav


  • Multiple attendance timing slot with advance setup
  • Real time attendances upload
  • Attendance Lock before salary generation
  • Manual attendance uploading with proper audit trail
  • Daily attendance with Present, Late, Absent, Early out etc. searchable
  • Employee Job Card
  • Daily Attendance summary


  • Company Salary structure settable
  • Flexible Employee structure settable with Bank and Cash payable feature
  • Monthly salary generation within 30-50 minutes
  • Yearly bonus payable
  • Salary adjustment (Arrear, Punishment deduction)
  • Compliance salary sheet (English
  • Pay slip (Bangla/English)
  • Earn Leave encashmen
  • Customer can Accept or Decline Quote


  • Costing Sheet
  • Order Details (PO/Style/Shipment date wise
  • Create invoice with wysiwyg editor
  • Supplier Purchase Order raise with minimum time (Auto Budget Control)
  • Budget (Actual/Post with version)
  • BOM (Material Details with consumption & wastage %)
  • Work Order
  • Monthly Shipment Plan (Auto generate)
  • Order Closing (Auto Budget Closing


  • Product Setup with specification
  • Supplier Purchase Order Create
  • Raw Material GRN against Purchase Order
  • Daily Material Receive Ledger
  • General Purchase
  • Import & Local both material GRN facility
  • BIN/LOT/BATCH System
  • Supplier Product Return
  • Stock Transfer (Bin to Bin/Order to Order/Store to Store)


  • Daily hourly cutting report
  • Hourly Size wise cutting report
  • Hourly Cutting Dashboard
  • Layer Operation Sheet with Size ratio
  • Date wise Line Loading report
  • Bundle Sheet generate
  • Bundle Ticket with barcode
  • Label Sheet
  • Wire Sheet


  • Hourly Production report
  • Monthly Production report
  • Line wise Production output
  • Production Performance Efficiency


  • Hourly Finishing report Unit/Table wise
  • Buyer Wise Sewing & Packing Summary
  • Monthly Finishing repor
  • WIP Finishing repor


• Sample Order System
• Sample Material Receive System
• Sample Order Queue for Sample Department
• Sample Order Status Queue for Merchandiser
• Sample Gallery Book
• Monthly Sample Plan Report


• Master LC Details
• Back To Back LC Open
• Import Data Details
• Bond Data Details (If required, optional)
• Invoice Generate for Export
• Delivery Challan generate
• Ex-Factory Details
• Export Register (Daily/Monthly/Yearly)
• Auto Letters generate (i.e-
• Export LC open
• Export FDD /FTT
• Undertaken
• Amendment Letter

Approval System

A unique feature that is developed for removing papers for internal approval.


TechnoSYS ERP system is the best Garments ERP in the Bangladesh in terms of Textiles Industry. If company wants to introduce any new service as new module, this is very much possible in our software system.

There are many more things to consider when think about a complete solution for your organization. Few important points are below for your consideration:

• Software provider previous experience
• After sales support system
• If required any customization then what is the process and cost rate for customization
• ERP Database Architecture (more precisely, if need to introduce any new module then ‘Is database architecture friendly for modification?’)
• Data backup system
• Data recovery system